Apple/Fitbit Tactical Sport Watch Band


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Apple/Fitbit TAC Monster Polyester Watch Band Cover – 501-004. Tactical, military, GI style commando watch band cover offers durable protection to the watch against the elements and harsh environments with a hook and loop cover. Watch band cover offers optional Velcro (R) for Morale Patches.

Watchband allows Smart Watch sensors to make contact with your skin for activity and vitals monitoring. Works with regular watches too. The quick change design means no replacing or removing watchbands or pins. Simply slide your watch with its watchband in and out of our TAC Monster watchband cover. Insert and remove watch easily in seconds.

Made in the USA by Active Duty Guardsmen

I am a member of the Texas State Guard. I could not find a watch band cover for my fit that would allow the sensor to work and protect my smart watch screen. So, I made my own. Sold them to my friends and now they are available to you.

Our rugged watchband cover will fit 99% of Smart Watches and regular watches out in the market (see size requirements below to verify).
Including but not limited to:

  • Apple® Watches
  • Apple® Fitbits
  • Garmin® Smartwatches
  • Samsung® Smartwatches
  • Suunto Watches
  • Android® Smartwatches
  • Luminox® Watches
  • G-Shock® Watches
  • Emporio Armani® Smartwatches
  • Sports Watches
  • Standard Regular Watches
  • Tactical Watches

About This Watch Band

Watchband is designed to help prevent the scratching of your watch face, however, dirt and debris can build up in the material and scratch the watch and watch face surface. To prevent scratching the watchband may need to be occasionally hand washed.

Watchband should be hand washed with mild detergent and warm water. Do not wash in a washing machine. Hang dry do not use in dryer.
Our watchband is not intended to be used underwater or in environments requiring fire rated equipment and clothing.


Black & Coyote Tan/Brown


To determine the correct size measure around your wrist where your watch would go. If you don’t have a tape measure, cut a strip of paper, wrap it around your band while it is on your wrist, mark where it overlaps, and then measure that length on a ruler.
If your measurement is between sizes, please select the smaller size.
The watchband cover comes in two sizes.


Small-Medium: 10″ inches by 2″ inches (254mm by 50mm)
Medium-Large: 12″ inches by 2″ inches (305mm by 50mm)


(Small-Medium) and (Medium to X-Large). For sizing measure circumference around wrist. Actual size may be larger due to thickness of watchband.

  • – Small to Medium Watchband = 5.5″ inch to 7.25″ inch (140mm to 185mm)
  • – Medium to X-Large Watchband = 6.5″ inch to 9.25″ inch (165mm to 235mm)

WATCH SIZES (not including watc hband)

Watch Width: Any Size. Watch Cover is only 2″ inches wide (50mm)
Watch Length: From watchband to watchband 2.5″ inches maximum (63mm)
Watch Height: up to 1.0″ inch (25mm)


This is for the opening where the watchband slides into position
Up to 1.25″ inches wide (32mm). Depends on width and thickness of watchband attached to watch.


The sensor opening allows Smart Watches to function by touching the skin if the smart watch is centered and aligned properly.
0.75″ inches wide (19mm)
1.25″ inches long (32mm)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Watch and Patch Not Included

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Additional information

Patch Velcro

2" x 3.5" Velcro attached to the top outside watch cover. Used to attach morale patches to watch band.


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