Our Watchband Specifications

The following information provides our products specifications for determining which Smartwatches and Traditional Watches are compatible with our watchband covers.

Case & Watchband Sizing

The TACmonster.com watchband will fit smartwatches and traditional watches with a WATCH CASE  (watchband not included in measurement) length of 2.5 inches ( 63.5 mm ) or less. The watch case width may be larger. Watchband cover is only 2.0 inches or 50.8 mm wide. Watches wider than 2.0 inches will not be completely covered.

Smartwatch Band / Watchband Sizing

The TACmonster.com watchband cover will accept up to 1.325 inch or 35 mm wide watchbands. Actual accepted width may vary due to the thickness of your watchband. If the width of the buckle is wider than the watchband, measure the buckle width.

Smartwatch or Watch Case Thickness

The thickness measurement reflects the width between the back of the case and the front side, or the crystal side. Fit may vary due to watchband sizing.
Our watchband cover fits both Smartwatches and traditional watches.

SENSOR Gap – For Smartwatch Sensors

The Bridge Area of the watchband includes an open area or Sensor Gap.
This allows most smartwatches with monitoring sensors to contact the skin for tracking activities and vitals monitoring,