Fits 99% of All Smartwatches / watches

Sensors Touch Your Skin

New Sport Tactical Smartwatch Watchband

Worried about damaging that expensive fragile smartwatch you paid so much for? Hesitant to even buy a pricy watch because they can so easily get damaged? The new Sport-Tactical Watchband may be what you’re looking for…

The big problem is that smartwatches are unprotected and can easily get damaged. Wearing it on your wrist makes using a shatterproof protective cases like ones for mobile phones really impractical.

Everyday Life or Rugged Activities

Whether its, everyday life or your favorite rugged activities, it’s only a mater of time before your smartwatch gets: bumped, scratched, or cracked.

Repairs or replacements are costly even with insurance!

Thanks to or new patent pending design, there’s a new type of smartwatch watchband that provides an extra layer of protection. Our watchband cover helps prevent scratches and cracks.

TAC Monster heavy duty watchbands are tactical-sports watch/watchband covers that provide an extra layer of durable protection from everyday life to rugged activities.

Fits 99% of ALL Watches & Smartwatches

Our new sport tactical smart watchband will fit 99% of Smartwatches and regular watches on the market today. NO NEED to remove watchband and pins to use.

Sensor gap for smartwatches

Our patent pending Sensor Gap design allows smartwatch sensors to touch your skin for activity and vitals monitoring.

Multiple Colors & Styles

  • Black
  • Coyote
  • Ranger Green


Generous amounts of Velcro® securely hold watchband in place. Optional Velcro® available to attach your favorite morale patches to the outside of the watchband.

Insert or Remove Watch in Seconds

The quick change design means not having to replace or remove watchbands or pins to use our watchband cover. Simply slide your watch together with its watchband into our watchband cover to use. You can easily insert or remove your watch and watchband in SECONDS!


Smartwatch Watchband Features Include:

  • Fits 99% of All Smartwatches & Watches – Patent pending design makes it versatile
  • Sensor Gap – Allows Smartwatch sensors to touch your skin
  • Protects & Covers Watch and Watchband – 2 inch wide watch cover. Fits watchbands up to 1.375 inches wide.
  • Does Not Replace Watchband or Pins – Attach or remove watch in seconds
  • Can be worn with the watch inside or outside the wrist – Can be worn military style
  • Screen Protection – Helps prevent scratches and cracked/broken screens
  • Watchband Protection – Helps protect watchband from scratches, tears, and snags
  • Blackout – Tactically blackout watch screen lights when covered
  • Heavy Duty Upholstery Stitching – 60lbs per stitch strength
  • Made of Tough Polypropylene Webbing Material – Easy to clean
  • Generous Velcro® – More Velcro® better holding strength
  • Optional Velcro® for Morale Patches

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